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Leadership Development

Ambition for the Success of Your Enterprise

LWI provides leadership development and coaching tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. Each LWI program reflects the unique character, purpose and direction that your organisation is taking to gain and sustain an advantage over its competitors.

The program provides advancement tools to exercise greater creativity, systematically improve operations and build high performing teams.

LWI programs take advantage of contemporary adult learning methods with many learning options.  These include face to face workshops, performance feedback using Human Synergistic LSI or The Leadership Circle 360 systems, role playing using corporate-savvy actors, online learning and individual and group coaching.  LWI resources include 360 appraisals, development videos, workbooks, progress tracking, psychometric profiling and action planning.

LWI can provide the complete leadership development package or any part that you require – the choice is yours.

The benefits of LWI to you and your organisation include:

  • LWI provides a  framework for strategic change.
  • Modules are targeted at encouraging creative and adaptive thinking.
  • The pace of the LWI program can be tailored to suit your operations.
  • Program modules can be selected to meet your exact requirements.
  • LWI content is values-based and oriented towards motivating individuals to take responsibility.
  • Programs are customised to align with the strategic direction of your organisation.

LWI developed and is delivering Lendlease’s new Frontline Leaders Program.  Read about the results here.
The Corporate Leader

Testimonies Of Inspiring Corporate Leaders

“This truly is a life changing experience rather than a training exercise, it has made me a more effective leader with a different outlook on not just business, but life as well. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to succeed in their business or personal life.”

Darren S – Personnel Development Coordinator

“The program definitely met my expectations – and exceeded it as well.The material covered in the LWI program has definitely helped me in my day to day roles.”

Cameron G, Senior Technical Lead

Watch Steve’s testimonial here

Steve E, Regional Manager

LWI Head Coach, Dan Jackson

Deep within every person is the desire to be inspired to go to places, interesting places that are normally out of reach.

I developed LWI to equip leaders to take people on that journey, a journey to a more fulfilling and larger life.

In building the LWI online learning, I have drawn from grounded research, the practical strategies for people to lead more effectively and improve operations.

For nearly two decades I have observed leadership across all levels in… (read more)