Put leadership skills within reach of everyone

Enjoy your work

Put leadership skills within reach of everyone

Big issue in developing LWI as an online learning experience was to put leadership skills within the reach of everyone – as I say in the intro video on the LWI homepage – “every person ever born“.

It saddens me that many (some say most!!) people don’t enjoy their work.  This is quite the problem noting 25% of our working life is spent at work.  An absence of joy in the workplace affects the way we think, the way we innovate and, most importantly, it affects the way we relate to the people we love.

I was so pleased then to come across this article from Harvard Business School [www.exed.hbs.edu] about blue ocean leadership.  I hope you enjoy what it has to say and if you fit into ‘unhappy at work’ category, it spurs you into action.

Here is the link: https://hbr.org/2014/05/blue-ocean-leadership/ar/1#