LWI Enterprise Programs
– The Pursuit of Sustained High Performance

LWI provides leadership development and coaching tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.

Aligned: Preparation for deployment of LWI Leadership Development program includes familiarisation with your specific Vision and Direction statements to ensure a consistent message is delivered to all program participants.


Tailored: Priority is given to modules identified as high importance within the organisation. Senior leadership is given the opportunity to invest into the formation of leadership talent.


Coached: LWI boasts a coaching component allowing a 1:1 interaction with a coach, focusing on the development of specific core leadership skills.

Collaborative: Using a coaching app, modelled on the collaborative social media functionality, the LWI Coach is able to communicate with an entire group, sub-groups or individuals in an efficient and unobtrusive way.


Duration: LWI can be delivered in a range of formats, from a series of intensive workshop formats with an LWI Coach, supported by online resources, through to the internal delivery of the LWI materials within the enterprise workforce. LWI is designed to be delivered in a format that suits any workplace.


Experience:  LWI uses action-oriented learning methods. People learn in a range of ways but all are impacted by experiencing the tangible effects of putting things into practice, especially when an accountability is attached to the effort.


Versatile: The Corporate Leader training is supported by a variety of resources designed to enhance the transfer and retention of the LWI leadership skills and principles. These include:

•    Collaborative social media tools
•    Personal Advancement Coaching
•    360° Feedback
•    DiSC profile assessment
•    Role Plays (by corporate ‘savvy’ actors)
•    Experiential Learning
•    Workbooks
•    Individual and Cultural assessment tools
•    Modules supported by LWI resources online

Leadership Advancement
– For All Levels Of Your Enterprise




STRATEGY – thinking in order to thrive in a complex strategic environment
TEAM – disciplines and principles to build high performance
SELF – personal skills that characterise a person ambitious for the success of the enterprise
The Corporate Leader
LWI is modularised to suit the specific needs of the organisation with a focus on aligning individual advancement with corporate strategy.
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