Step 2: Assign The Team Of Internal ‘Inspirers’

The leadership team at Company X has a vision to take the organization to a higher level of performance and to sustain that performance well into the future.

A senior influential leader from within Company X is assigned to conduct and coordinate the leadership program. With a team of ‘inspirers’ the leader coordinates and implements the training program using the LWI online learning platform. An external LWI leadership specialist supports the ‘inspirers’ to set up the program initially and conduct occasional sessions as required. Importantly, leadership training can be conducted at the pace that suits the organization.

The leadership program belongs to Company X and it uses the LWI online adult learning as the platform to communicate the essentials of values based leadership.

Assistance With Setting Strategy For Your Enterprise

If you don’t have a strategy for the future or would like to develop one to ensure future success for your enterprise. You have two choices:

Do it yourself. Purchase “The Leader Who Inspires” leadership book and follow the detailed process outlined in Part III titled “Lead Action to Transform the Enterprise”.

Get help from LWI. LWI will provide you with a qualified Adaptive Planning specialist to support the development of your strategic intent.