Leadership Team selection essentials

Leadership Team selection essentials

The following is an excerpt from “The Leader Who Inspires – increase your influence and ignite your passion to succeed’.  Page 161-2


The Leader Who Inspires selects the influential and the talented to lead
improvement – a critical mass to rapidly build momentum for change.

The Leader Who Inspires’ task is to choose the right people to participate in the leadership team. So what are the essential attributes of each successful candidate? A successful leadership team will consist of a diverse range of people. Firstly, let us consider those things that should be common to every member of the leadership team.

  • Here is what the Leader Who Inspires is looking for in each of their leadership team members:
  • Work values and a sense of fairness consistent with the Leader Who Inspires.
  • The ability to speak and argue coherently.
  • An unwavering commitment to the success of the enterprise.
  • In-depth knowledge of the role, expertise and function of the enterprise.
  • An abundance of energy.
  • The ability to evaluate and judge logic and consistency of argument.
  • A desire to incorporate the ideas of others.
  • The ability to judge the adequacy and relevance of conclusions supported by data.
  • The ability to judge the value of work in terms of the purpose and direction of the enterprise.
  • An orientation towards achieving ‘bankable’ results.
  • The ability to act in the leader role without affecting the enterprise’s constancy of purpose.

The Leader Who Inspires is looking for people that believe in the success of the enterprise. That is not to say team members should be of a similar personality to the Leader Who Inspires, quite the opposite. What is most important is that each team member is
motivated towards the success of the enterprise and is willing to join the team that will lead it to a successful future.
These essential elements of team selection allow the Leader Who Inspires to assess the suitability of candidates. They become the criteria to select the best possible leadership team.

Dan Jackson  ‘The Leader Who Inspires

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