LWI head coach, Dan Jackson

post_sample_image_2Deep within every person is the desire to be inspired to go to places, interesting places that are normally out of reach.

I developed LWI to equip leaders to take people on that journey, a journey to a more fulfilling and larger life.

In building the LWI online learning, I have drawn from grounded research, the practical strategies for people to lead more effectively and improve operations.

For nearly two decades I have observed leadership across all levels in private and public enterprises. I have witnessed the efforts of many leaders firsthand during that time; some have been triumphant while others have made massive botches particularly in the context of strategy and transformation.

This has driven me to look at practical ways to grow in people the ability to lead and profoundly influence others.

A naval officer in earlier days, I have since consulted in strategy, business improvement, project governance and leadership. My teaching career includes Melbourne Business School (strategic business improvement in the context of entrepreneurial leadership) and Australian Graduate School of Management (statistics and operations management for the Executive MBA program).  I have a Masters in Project Management (systems dynamics).

LWI represents the marriage of grounded research and a lifetime of experience and observation. This is a thoroughly researched program with cross-cultural significance and timeless applicability.

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A personal note:

Life is an adventure and we should live it that way!

My life has been an abundance of joy.  I have lived fully, not perfectly but it has been a complete life.  Now in my 50s all I see in front of me is excitement … and more joy.  Part of me yearns for you to have a similar experience.

LWI holds those keys to a bigger life … so come on the journey.