My Personal Disciplines (3 modules)


My Personal Disciplines (3 modules)

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This LWI Product provides the essential PERSONAL DISCIPLINES required of only the most exemplary leaders. It will cause you to pause and reflect on your capability as a leader. Importantly it will help you discover the gap between the Leader Who Inspires and your current leadership performance. The personal disciplines provide a behaviour framework in which to exercise significant influence.

In applying all the LWI Disciplines you can expect to transition quickly to a person of exemplary conduct and inspires others to go to places they not thought possible.


Product Description

LWI Personal Disciplines of Leadership

About the module:

This module contains the essential personal disciplines of effective leadership.  The Leader Who Inspires is that person that takes responsibility for the tone of the work environment, has an air of humility yet is fiercely determined about the enterprise’s success and knows the value of authenticity.

These Personal Disciplines of Leadership are supported by research into how organisations behave and what it takes to bring about successful change.

Who should attend?

Enterprises wanting to provide its people with advancement.

Key teams members who want the next level of performance.

Managers who want to focus more on leading.

Motivated upwardly mobile individuals who want to make a profound difference in life. Learning outcomes:

Aware.  An awareness of the personal disciplines required of the leader who inspires.

Assess.  Evidence of the gap in the LWI personal disciplines between current leadership performance and that of the leader who inspires.

Action. An action plan address each LWI personal discipline to transition from the ‘now’ to the ‘what is actually possible’.


Introduction to All LWI Disciplines Of Leadership

Discipline 1 – Responsibility is yours!

Discipline 2 – Determine the type of leader you want to become

Discipline 3 – Be authentic



Video introduction


Case study

Adult learning cycle


Cultural (enterprise) assessment

Take Action! plan