Respect Across Generations

Respect Across Generations

I found this timeless principle most helpful.

You will get a boost in team engagement and productivity that is quite simple to do – all it requires is a collective decision.

When an older person looks at the younger co-worker and sees respect and creativity and enthusiasm and

… when the younger person looks at the older co-worker and sees respect, experience and wisdom,

that is when great things can happen

And the common denominator? ‘Respect’.

When the generations choose to respect each other you get integration. And with the common ground of respect for both age and youth you get a team that works well beyond the sum of its individual parts.

Alternatively when you have:

‘what would that young buck know?’ or ‘that old codger wouldn’t have a clue’.

Then you have separation, the common denominator is disrespect and there is little collaboration, no synergy and unrealised productivity.

If you want a stepped change in your inter-generational team, start the conversation about respect and choose to do so – all it requires is a collective decision. Then watch the climate in your workplace change.