These video testimonials  by senior leaders were collected after running the LWI course within their organisation. They describe the benefits to the company of introducing LWI.

The View of LWI Graduates

What the LWI program has done in the lives of the participants in the LWI pilot in 2015.

The Leader Who Inspires training program was a great experience and very worthwhile as I know I am now a more effective leader. The program contained many important concepts and it is this variety that makes it valuable as it can appeal to a wide range of participants. At an organisation level I would thoroughly recommend this course to SME’s, mid-sized and large organisations.

Dan has an absolute passion for leadership and specifically this course. He is able to relate to a great variety of participants, remain down to earth and is able to present the course with authority on the topics developed from many years of research and real life experiences. The practical nature of the course coupled with direct one on one mentoring sessions gives the participant a very personal and relevant experience. This course is appropriate for most staff within an organisation regardless of positions or rank.

Brendan Rossiter – CFO, Present Group

The LWI course is based on management science and also good common sense. It translates into your personal life as the principals is certainly not only limited to the workplace. It is applicable not only to people in leadership positions, but I believe anybody who is interested in personal growth can benefit from this course.

Dan has an acute understanding of modern management theory and the personal attributes that great leaders who inspires others have in common. He is a straight talking individual who do not mind pushing you out of your comfort zone. I can see Dan as a life coach as well as a LWI mentor.

Mynard Steyn – Electrical Engineering Lead, Present Group

I found the LWI program to be a great tool to align leaders within the business with a common language and tools that can be used within day to day running of the business.

This truly is a life changing experience rather than a training exercise, it has made me a more effective leader with a different outlook on not just business, but life as well.

I would recommend it to anyone that wants to succeed in their business or personal life.

Dan is an intuitive mentor able to work with you to identify areas of both strength and weakness and guide you towards the best opportunity for improvement.

Darren Smart – Personnel Development Coordinator

The skills and principles were of most value. What really stood out to was the approach of the course. Most other course would just teach you about the information, with not much real emphasis of putting it into practice. The approach of continuous assessment of our current position and the actions we set to correct our behaviour were of most value during this course. The duration of the course gave you the ability to reflect on the learning  within our behaviour and those around us. On completion of this course, I definitely feel that I have become a more effective leader.

Dan has been instrumental in helping me identify some of my short comings and finding effective solutions to address them. I have been able to identify with his teaching and this has helped me improve my communication. I have altered my behaviour to look at situations differently, I now concentrate my focus and energy on thing within my circle of influence, PHASE always at the forefront of my though process.

Dan has the ability to challenge people to bring out their best. He is quick  to identify unproductive reasoning  and sets the challenges for his pupils to move forward.

Dinesh Boodhraj – Technical Services Manager, Powertech Services

There were many valuable learnings from the LWI but for me “choose the leader you want to become” really stood out.  Being a good leader is a choice, your behaviour and actions have a significant impact on the people you work with and the collective objectives of the organisation.

As a training experience, LWI rates very highly because I have gained tools and strategies that I can actively use in the workplace.

I believe that through the LWI experience I am making conscious decisions to be a better leader.

I would recommend LWI to anyone who would like to self-improve and enhance their working relationship with others.

Dan is a great coach and mentor.  Dan’s qualities are:

active listener

engages people

speaks plainly and effectively communicates concepts

encourages  people to be their best


It is also very clear that Dan has an inherent understanding of people and business

I would happily recommend Dan as a coach to anyone I know!

Michael Freeburn – HSE Manager Present Group